Association of Business Service Leaders as non-profit organizastion brings together more than 220 of the world's largest companies representing a sector that employs more than 355,000 people in Poland. Over 1.6 thousand service centers, scattered in more than 50 cities, create a thriving ecosystem supporting innovative solutions implemented by international corporations. ABSL aims to build attractive and sustainable ecosystems, which through this positive engagement, will create new, valuable jobs and responsibly develop investment and business in local communities.


ABSL Business Intelligence

ABSL BI Team is a bunch of senior researchers, academic experts in the field of knowledge business services and city/regional development, sector shapers on C-level functions. The broad view deliver comprehensive analyzes based on research, insight and academic methods.

→ Business Services Sector focus 

Dedicated knowledge base about the business services sector in Poland built and developed for 15+ years of supporting business services companies in Poland and enhancing investment potential of Polish cities. ABSL reports are analyzes, dedicated to key strategic and operational decision-makers within global organizations. 

→ Data Collection & Analysis Services  

Over 470+ business services centers that employ more than 200 000 people regularly contribute to the studies on business services centers in PolandThe analyzes and recommendations are based on a high-quality ABSL database and data-supported additional qualitative information on business services companies.  

→ Business Intelligence & Thought Leadership  

High-quality detailed data provides a comprehensive view of the given sector companies as well as the general landscape of the sector in Poland. Data and in-depth roundtables of key leaders in the business services sector assure reliable support for future development and challenges with a view to enhance Poland as a global business services hub and global business to grow 

ABSL shop 

ABSL shop is a platform that provides the most important reports on the business services sector, containing the necessary knowledge in business talks, groundbreaking insights and up-to-date data supporting business decisions of key sector leaders and public institutions.

The ABSL shop offers free reports such as ABSL annual reportscity reports and regional reports. In the ABSL shop, you will also find paid comprehensive analyzes of the future of the sector and the potential of cities that help you in area of site selection, talent pool, business development, business processes. 


ABSL member companies are entitled to -50% discount, register in the ABSL shop.