• Strategic Foresight in the Business Services Sector 2021

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About the report  

The Strategic Foresight in the Business Services Sector 2021 report is the second edition of the ABSL foresight survey conducted in cooperation with the leaders of the modern business services sector in Poland. The report presents 3 forecasts for the business services sector by 2031 and prognosis for the main drivers of change in the sector, the potential black swans, trends, as well as opportunities and threats for the further development of sector companies in Poland and the CEE region, and the investment attractiveness of Poland and its global role.

The report is dedicated to the decision-makers within global enterprises, leaders of the office space market in Poland and the CEE, consultants supporting investment projects in Poland and the CEE region.


Main conclusions 

  • Highest scores factors that will affect the business services sector, based on PESTLE analysis (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental), were increased taxation, deterioration of the investment climate in Poland, availability of the talent pool in Poland, macroeconomic instability, shortage of skilled IT employees and emigration of the talent pool from Poland, green offices and ESG, AI implementation on a large scale, hybrid workforce and cybersecurity, stability of the legal environment in Poland.

  • The two most important black swans identified: political instability in Poland, major cybersecurity breaches.

  • In the 2031 perspective, the growing scale of sector operations in Poland will become its main competitive advantage. Poland will always be in the game because of numbers (scale). 

  • The report contains of two visions of the business services sector in Poland in 2031 - depending on the scenario, the sector will grow to 480,000 or 650,000 employees by 2031r. 

  • Poland is no longer considered a low-cost location but rather a location with optimal costs per value generated. Soon, the key will be to innovate and continuously commercialize improved and new services and solutions introduced to the global market, where Polish centers already operate. Innovation will become the dominant method of operation.

  • The Knowledge-Intensive Business Services industry has become one of the most significant  competitive advantages of the Polish economy and a distinctive specialization of several cities. The industry in Poland is ready to offer higher-end competencies needed for more advanced and complex tasks.

Foresight participants ABSL 2021   

Dariusz Bazeli - Cognizant  Anna Meduna - Miele  Edward Niebój - Grant Thornton Frackowiak 
Agnieszka Belowska-Gosławska -  Nordea     Agnieszka Kuźmicka - Fresenius Kabi    Wojciech Tyborowski - Invest in Pomerania
Anna Berczyńska - Schaeffler  Piotr Krzysztofik -  GlobalLogic   Krzysztof Wierzchowski - Franklin Templeton
Maciej Borkowski - Credit Suisse  Daniel Wocial - The Adecco Group                 Wojciech Zajączkowski  - EY
Wojciech Cichoń - Capgemini  Krzysztof Woźniak - HSBC Wojciech Popławski - Accenture / ABSL
Arkadiusz Gasperczyk - Wipro Piotr Krzysztofik -  GlobalLogic Tomasz Brodzicki - ABSL
Elias van Herwaarden -  Colliers  Marcin Świerzyna - ABSL  Stanisław Umiński - ABSL