*Based on Strategic Foresight in the Business Services Sector 2020, Business Services Sector in Poland 2020

Business services centers have created jobs in almost 50 cities, including 17 where at least 1,000 people are employed – and 19 last year. Changes are ongoing in the sector, with employment at particular centers going up or down as a consequence of various processes, including consolidation, difficulties in finding employees, or changes in the business models of individual companies.
The eleven largest locations employ 95% of the sector’s workforce. In seven locations the headcount exceeds 10,000, while the next ten largest locations employ between 1,000 and 10,000 people. The leader in terms of headcount at business services centers in Poland is still Kraków, where 77,700 people work (23% of total employment in the sector). 64,000 jobs in the sector are provided in the number two city, Warsaw, and 52,000 in Wrocław. In comparison with 2016, Kraków’s share of total employment in the sector has declined slightly (-1 p.p.), as has Wrocław’s (-0.9 p.p.), whereas Warsaw’s and the Tri-City’s have grown (+1.2 p.p. and +0.8 p.p., respectively).